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Meet Our Team

Dental Doctor

Ashley D. Swisher, DDS

Long long ago in a land far away, I had a dream . . . and today it is in the making!  Although my mother would say it started with a few paperclips and wax on cabbage patch dolls teeth, I think it was my first real live experience . . . with a patient!  As an assistant, inspired by an older sister, I saw what a difference making someone feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation could do.  I wanted to help.  I wanted to know more.  I wanted to do it with my own hands.  I wanted to learn why.  Therefore, I became a dentist.  After meeting my husband, Keir, in college, we set out to make our educational dreams reality.   We then chose to move to this area between our hometowns where we wanted to make a difference and raise our children in a community much like we grew up in.  We now have two sons, Madex and Rowen, and two weimaraners, Rocky and Ollie and boy do they keep us on our toes!  Many of you have heard stories.  Afterall, you are a bit at my mercy with my hands in your mouth (better choose the headphones!), sorry folks.  Anyhow, I love to problem solve too.  I think it is good for dental diagnosing but I enjoy brain games, mysteries and puzzles.  Little minds fascinate me.  My superpower of choice would be to always ask the right questions at the right time.  I am passionate about learning more.  Therefore, I also love to read!  Discovering new adventures and taking in new experiences makes each day something I look forward to.  My goal is that we provide tailored care to every patient that walks in our doors and my hope is that you are pleased with your experiences here (and give us the courtesy of feedback if not so that we can be better for others!)

Dental Hygienists

Jill Borman, RDH

Music is her thing, hygiene is her game!  Jill joined us in 2016 and hasn’t looked back.  She took a hiatus from her business track to check out this great profession and fell in love!  Cheesy?  Nah, but she does love her some cheese please!  We would describe Jill more like a cheese fondue, only because cheese is her favorite food and she is like a melting pot . . . creamy, rich attitude.  She is a middle child so she says she’s a disaster by nature but don’t let her words fool you.  She is a mixture of sweet and salty or maybe like sugar and spice?!  Mysterious and mischievous, even maybe.  She even teases that her book title would be “The Who Never Finished Anythi . . .” but yes, it would need a sequel called “A Story of Success!!!”  Anyways, she has a passion for people and breaking through barriers.  Working with Alzheimer’s patients in the past comes in handy with some of us each day!  If she could be an accessory, she’d like to check out the view from John Lennon’s lenses.  Oh what those glasses have had seen!  All joking aside, she loves All Smiles and our patients, “because sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name . . . . and they’re always glad you came . .. you want to be where you can see, troubles are all the same . . you wanna be where everybody knows your name.” So true, so true.

Lorelle Dixon, RDH

She's beauty and grace, but she's not Miss United States. One of her favorite movies isn't even Miss Congeniality, but it does have Sandra Bullock in it! Hope Floats. Anyhow, back to the award announcements. She was honored as the 2009 Salina Area Technical College Student of the Year and recognized in 2015 with the Golden Scaler award for exceptional talent and skills in dental hygiene at Flint Hills Technical College. So much to write in a book about her, but she laughs and asks "Why would anyone want to do that?"  So instead, they put her glamorous face on the side of a semi trailer at Salina Tech!  Yep, that's why she looks so familiar! She may seem familiar too because she loves getting to know and connecting personally with patients. One thing she loves about All Smiles and the Minneapolis area and community is that patients actually want to get to know her too. Her superpower if she could choose would be the power to heal! Imagine, if only...periodontal disease...poof! Although she isn't a "Doc" she does believe in whistling while you work, literally.  She can be heard on the daily whistling her way through sterilization and singing along with the office radio. Impressed by few, she carries on just as she does in the car when all the men in her life ask her to stop. Her husband Spencer and two boys, Korbin and Connor, just shake their heads and rarely join in, but she keeps going. Mostly, just to see them all smile. 

Cassie Overturf.jpg

Cassie Overturf, RDH

Bio Coming Soon!


Nicole Smith, RDH

Bio Coming Soon!

Dental Assistants

Shari Abell, CDA

Wonder woman here to change your mind to change the world!  Shari also believes it is about what we believe in.  If you know her, you’ve heard her say, “Do what you love.  Love what you do.”  That, she does and does well.  Her spark in dentistry was almost two decades ago and she is still in it to win it!  Her competitive nature and desire to be involved leaves no one a stranger and no one without a story.  She is good at remembering people, places and events so with this keen attention to detail and happenings she has earned her nickname, Sheriff.  Interestingly, she can say her abc’s backwards so she passes our sobriety tests!  It doesn’t surprise us that one of her favorite movies is Home Alone either because we are pretty sure she would catch the bad guys with these WW and Sheriff skills.  Nor is a shocker that she carries our countdown to Christmas every year with her pep and cheer.  She loves her family time and family means family because hers is extended!  Cousins and nieces are like siblings so her heart is big!   Her husband is Travis and their kids are Chase and Addison.  Shari’s book would be “Why I ask ‘why’” which is intriguing in itself.  Her curious nature may be what leads to her continual involvement in this community.


Destinee Laffery, CDA

Bio Coming Soon!


Michelle Newhouse

Another golden ticket!  We took a chance on Michelle and she took one on us.  Big hearts and small town charm is what she loves but it is also what she has.  Her family is husband, Matthew, son, Mackley and two daughters, Acacia and Mikayla.  She grew up on a farm outside of Salina and always enjoyed riding horses.  As a past nursing home activity director, she has what it takes to turn the energy up in a room!  One of the things we adore about her is that she is such a positive polly with a genuine care for people.  She loves to camp so ask her about their lake escapades, she may have a few tips.  If she could have a super power it would be to time travel so she could go back in time to see lost loved ones.   She enjoys hanging out with friends and family and eating good food.  Did we say, big heart?  She also loves to make 3D cakes and other delicious desserts that we get to enjoy on occasion.  Fun fact: she can do the sit and reach . . . really really impressively!


Cheryl Peterson

Bio Coming Soon!

Lab Technician


Rebecca Williamson

Bio Coming Soon!

Lexi Kirn Colored Photo.jpg

Lexi Kirn

Bio Coming Soon!

Patient Coordinator

Kaely Jackson

No job is too big or small for this gal!  Just watching her work will make you tired.  Kaely loves a good challenge and a fast paced environment.  General dentistry definitely offers that!  We appreciate that she can make anyone feel like family in our office.  She has a knack for coming up with nicknames which our service and sales professionals find welcoming.   We love to laugh and have a good time, but in all seriousness Kaely does love treating people as she would want to be treated and problem solving.  She is also what one could call an Insurance Expert if there is such a thing.  Harry Potter is among her favorites, most intriguing to her because of the magic.  Kaely values family which may be one reason she puts up with her little sister at work (Dr. Ashley).  Her sons, Braeden and Camron enjoy her spirit as much as we do!  She is most proud of her two boys with Braeden gaining more experience in theatre, Camron taking on the challenge of learning piano.

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